All squeeze in: Katie Price shares cute family selfie

The mum-of-5 also posts a pic of new baby Bunny and reveals a family likeness


Katie Price might have had a turbulent year but she’s all smiles now. And it’s her 5 kids that she credits for her happiness.


“Me and all my babies love love love love #mylife #myworld,” she tweeted alongside a selfie of herself with Harvey, 12, Junior, 9, Princess 7, Jett, 1, and 3-month old Bunny.

You can really see the small age gap between Jett and Bunny in the photo – there must be a lot of noise and mess in the Price house.

Katie and husband Kieran hadn’t planned two children quite so close together. It was earlier this year, when Katie Price was on holiday with her family in Cape Verde that she discovered she was already 6 months pregnant with her 5th child. Then the day after she announced the news, she tweeted that she was divorcing Kieran. She alleged that he’d been having a “full blown sexual affair” with one of her best friends for the past 7 months.

But just before the birth of Bunny in August, the couple reconciled and Katie appears to be settled into family life with her new arrival.


The 36-year-old gushed over her second daughter. Posting a picture of Bunny, she commented how much she looks like her older sister Princess.

“How cute does my Bunny boo boo look:) she has big eyes like Princess aww,” she tweeted.

Photos: Twitter / Katie Price

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