Annabel Karmel launches handbag-sized recipe books

Annabel Karmel’s new recipe books are designed to inspire busy parents on-the-go with quick and easy food ideas


We all have our favourite go-to recipes we can knock up in a hurry, whether it’s a good old spag bol or chicken and veg.


But coming up with fresh new ideas day-in, day-out for weaning foods, family meals and lunchboxes can be tough. Plus there’s no time for a leisurely browse in the supermarket with a toddler in tow!

A new range of 10 handbag-sized recipe books from children’s food expert Annabel Karmel promises to change that. Interesting 

Available exclusively from Sainsbury’s, each offers tasty recipe ideas on different topics and for a variety of ages. These include starting to wean, finger foods, toddler meals for toddlers and fun recipes your little helper to get involved with.

The books are currently on special 2-for-1 offer – so you can buy 2 books for £4.99.

Packed with tricks to encourage fussy eaters to experiment with new foods and tips on how to sneak in healthy ingredients, the books also include meal planners to help you stay inspired and organised. Plus, because they’re handbag-sized, they’re easy to pop in your bag when you go to the supermarket.

“The reality is that parents want tasty, well-balanced food ideas that they can rustle up in quick time, so they can spend what precious free time they have with their family,” says Annabel. “A quarter of mums worry that the food they are giving their children isn’t enjoyed by their children, so my books are there to make life easier – and tastier.”

What’s on the menu

1. First foods: Recipes and advice to help you wean your baby
Recipes include: Delicious purées, from Roast Butternut Squash to Peach Pear and Baby Rice

2. Exploring new tastes: Introduce your baby to new flavours and textures
Recipes include: Sweet Vegetable Trio, Cod with Orange & Squash, Baby Beef Casserole

3. Growing independence: Healthy home-made recipes to encourage self-feeding
Recipes include: Cherub’s Couscous, Parmesan Chicken Fingers, Strawberry & Watermelon Ice Lollies

4. Toddler meals: Nutritious recipes for your child to enjoy with the family
Recipes include: Mini Fish Pies, Sesame Chicken Fingers, Annabel’s Goulash Express

5. Tasty food for fussy kids: Great recipes to tempt your picky eater
Recipes include: Spotted Snake Pizza, Mummy’s Pot Noodles, Hidden Vegetable Tomato Sauce

6. Lunchboxes: Quick, easy and healthy ideas to make lunchtime fun
Recipes include: Confetti Couscous Salad, Tuna & Sweetcorn Pitta Pockets, Apple and Carrot Muffins

7. Party food: Quick, quirky and fun ideas to make lunchtime fun
Recipes include: Sausage Rockets, Mini Muffin Mice, Pretty Pretzel Butterflies

8. Vegetarian meals: Delicious, nutritious recipes doe veggie kids
Recipes include: Best-ever Banana Bread, Cashew Burgers, Tasty Lentil Pie

9. Kids in the kitchen: Creative recipe ideas to make and bake together
Recipes include: Spanish Tortilla Bears, Easy Peasy Pavlovas, Coconut & Peanut Chicken

10. Family meals: Quick and easy recipes to keep mealtimes fresh
Recipes include: Fruity Chicken Curry, Sausage & Prawn Paella, Mini Bread & Butter Puddings

Find the full series of Annabel Karmel’s Favourites at Sainsbury’s (£4.99 for two).

Discover more Annabel Karmel recipes here on MFM…


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