Baby delivered by 13-year-old sister

A Kent teenager has received an award for helping her mum give birth.


Teenager Michaela Barton has won an award for delivering her baby sister, reports the News Shopper.  Michaela from Gravesend, Kent, became an impromtu midwife when her mum went into labour in the middle of the night during a heavy snowfall in January.  Michaela was just 13 at the time.


Paramedics were delayed due to the bad weather and they carefully instructed Michaela on what to do.  After the successful delivery, the paramedics awarded Michaela for her bravery.

Michaela, now 14, was presented with a Good Friends & Carers regional prize at the Try Angle Awards for Young Achievers, which were set up by the Kent County Council.

“I’m really pleased and proud of Michaela.  She has done so well under difficult circumstances”, said Michaela’s mum, Miss Barton, 34.


Michaela says she wasn’t fazed about delivering the baby. “I just did it, I didn’t really think about it”, she said.  Michaela now hopes to become a midwife.

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