Simon Cowell has just released some new pictures of his firstborn Eric, and isn't he cute?


After feasting our eyes on Prince George during his royal tour of Australia and New Zealand, we’re now at a bit of a loss as to which little man is our favourite.

So we’ve decided to pit pop royalty against the third in line to the throne...

Round 1: Looks

There's no denying Prince George’s handsome face. The 9-month old’s got more than a little of the royal look from his dad Wills and those grumpy expressions are priceless. What’s more we just love his vintage style. There’s not many babies that can pull off white bloomers as a casual day look.

But, at just 2 months old, Eric already has the dark eyes of his famous dad. When Simon shared the above picture he tweeted: “Very handsome like his dad”

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We can also see a thick mop of Simon-esque dark hair beginning to sprout! Thankfully though, it doesn’t look like he’s going to inherit his dad’s fashion sense. We’re not sure high-waisted trews and open shirts are a good baby look!

Round 2: Name

Let’s face it, the royals pretty much had to give their firstborn a traditional name. Prince George Alexander Louis definitely ticks that box. George has a lot of royal history and the Prince will become the nation's 7th King George. Our most recent was the Queen’s father, King George VI.

Eric Phillip Cowell has also inherited some traditional family names. He's named after Simon’s father Eric, who died in 1999. Simon has previously talked movingly about his father. “We had a fun relationship. He gave me really constructive advice in my life, which I still carry today and pass on to other people. So if I can have the same relationship with my son as I had with my dad, then I think he'll be very happy and I'll be very happy."

Eric's middle name, Phillip, is actually Simon's middle name.

Clearly both dads of our little men had a major hand in choosing their sons' names.

Round 3: Celebrity birth

The world’s media camped outside St. Mary’s hospital for weeks to get a glimpse of the royal baby. When he was finally born on July 22, thousands of well-wishers descended on Buckingham Palace. The announcement was then displayed on an ornate easel at Buckingham Palace as tradition dictates and hundreds of royal watchers and tourists queued in the rain to catch a glimpse.

New Yorkers were informed of the news when it was tickered in lights at Times Square and in London, Trafalgar Square was lit blue for a boy, while the BT Tower delivered the message: "It's a boy!"

Oh dear. Sadly Eric didn't have such a grand entry but his dad still put on a good show. With a great romantic touch that wouldn’t look amiss on one of Simon’s TV shows, Eric arrived on Valentine’s Day. Simon, who was busy filming Britain’s Got Talent in the UK, dashed off in a fast plane to New York when he received the news that his partner Lauren Silverman was going into labour.

Simon had to miss the last BGT audition as, like many babies, Eric arrived 2 weeks before his due date. It was left to presenters Ant & Dec to share the news with a hushed Britain's Got Talent audience, who then erupted into a chorus of cheers. He might have had to cross countries but Simon was present when Lauren gave birth to a 6lb 7oz baby boy at 5.45pm in a New York hospital.

Round 4: Jet-setting

Prince George embarked on a 3-week tour of New Zealand and Australia last month at the tender age of 8 months. The royal family and their 11-strong entourage left London and took up the first-class section of a scheduled Qantas flight via Dubai. They disembarked 27 hours later in Australia only to catch a Royal New Zealand Air Force jet to take the on the final 3 hours of their journey. Phew!

Whereas Eric was on his first jet less than 2 weeks after he was born, when his parents whisked him away from New York for a beach holiday in Florida. Then, in March Eric made his first of many transatlantic trips to visit his dad's home and his grandmother in the UK. At nearly 3 months old, Eric is already a seasoned flyer, and has no doubt stored up a mountain of air miles.

We think that makes them pretty equal - a fair royal baby face-off