Baby joy for woman told she’d never conceive

A new mum is celebrating the birth of her baby after being told she’d never have children – and without even realising she was pregnant for seven months!


A woman told she’d never be able to conceive because of an ovarian cyst, an underdeveloped womb and blocked fallopian tubes, has given birth to a baby girl.


Elaine Fantin, 33, was told in her twenties that she’d never have children. Complaining of a swollen stomach and imagining it was related to her cyst, Elaine booked an appointment with her GP. But the doctor discovered that Elaine was actually seven months pregnant.

Three weeks later she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Maria Clara, weighing 6lb 6oz. The newborn arrived two months early and was given an injection to help her lungs grow.

Elaine described how her own mum went crazy when she heard the happy news, thinking she would never be a grandmother.


“It has all been a bit of a shock. All my life I was told I couldn’t have children and so when the doctor told me I couldn’t really believe it,” Elaine told the Telegraph. “The baby must have been kicking but I thought it was in my head.”

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