Billie Faiers talks toys, Nelly’s iPad obsession and Arthur being a copycat

Now that Arthur's 18 months, he's starting copying older sis Nelly. Meanwhile Nelly's fave things have changed LOADS since starting first school


If you’ve got a 4 or 5 year old, you’ll already know that the first few months of big kid school can really change their toy preferences.


In fact, that’s exactly what we found when we researched at what age children start showing more interest in traditionally ‘girly’ or ‘boyish’ toys.

Now, in a recent catch up with MFM, Billie Faiers has experienced the effect first-hand: in the 5 weeks since her eldest, 4-year-old Nelly, started school, she’s become really, really interested in dolls…

“She’s been there for about 5 weeks now. She’s really into her L.O.L dolls at the minute that – literally she’s just so into it. All of a sudden, she’s become really girly. She loves like all her babies as well, her baby Annabel.”

(The other side of starting school, Billie says, was a bit nerve-wracking: “I was crying,” she laughs. “I was more nervous than she was… I didn’t let her see me cry, though. She would’ve been like, ‘Mum, pull yourself together!'”)

Like most kids her age, she’s also pretty good at dreaming up games to keep herself occupied… when she’s not a tad obsessed with the iPad.

“Nelly absolutely loves her iPad but we sort of tend to give it to her for journeys in the car, on the airplane, if we’re out for dinner and she’s finished her dinner and she wants to sit down and watch it for a little bit.

“To be honest, we do have to limit it with her because, if she has it too much, she becomes obsessed with it. It’s more for situations where she might become bored or a little bit restless, you know.”

Just because Nelly’s getting techy and loves her dolls, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t love playing with her 18-month-old little brother, Arthur.

Fortunate then that Billie and Arthur are now working with Tomy’s Toomies range, and that Nelly likes showing him how all the toys work, and Arthur’s most than happy to follow in big sis’s footsteps.

arthur shepherd

“It’s really lovely with toys, because Nelly’s showing Arthur how to use them. All of a sudden, since he turned 18 months, he’s really into everything and wants to see what she’s doing, and it’s actually quite nice.

“Arthur definitely loves the foam cone factory in the bath – Nelly still plays with it as well. I think they just like the fact they think they’re making an ice cream.

“To be honest, it depends on what the toy is, cos sometimes they’re good at sharing and other times… not so much!”

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