Boarding school – a drastic solution to after school care costs?

Is the rising cost of after school care the right reason to send children to boarding school?


The increasing popularity of boarding schools is linked to the rising cost of after school care, reports claim. A 5% increase in the amount of children boarding until they are 13 years old has been seen over the last 12 months.


For many of us, it seems strange to consider boarding school as a cheaper alternative to, let’s face it, anything. Boarding school has long been considered the playground for children of the rich and famous, with the Middleton sisters and Princess Eugenie among the Marlborough College ranks. Reports suggest Madonna’s brood is also soon to be enrolled.

Yet David Hanson, chief executive of the Independent Association of Prep Schools (IAPS), notes that boarding school fees can often be lower than the cost of paying for a school and a nanny. A full-time nanny can set a family back a staggering £40,000 after tax, while on average boarding school costs around £25,000 per year, according to the Telegraph.

But is boarding school really the answer to the high cost of nanny fees? While some children may enjoy the experience of living with their friends, others could find separation from parents harder to deal with. Parents can also find the separation more difficult in practice than in theory, regardless of the pennies saved.

How much is after school care costing your family? Are you paying for school as well? Tell us your opinions below.


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