Botox eases cerebral palsy symptoms for 3-year-old boy

How small injections of Botox helped relax leg muscles for one young sufferer


Most commonly associated with cosmetic surgery, Botox is often used to help smooth out wrinkles and give a more youthful appearance.


However, for 3-year-old Aiden Farrell from Gosport Hants, doses of the botulinum toxin helped relax his muscles, easing the discomfort, which had stopped him being able to bend or stretch his legs comfortably.

After seeking advice from the NHS, Aiden had twelve injections in his legs. Aiden’s mum Sara, who revealed Aiden had been suffering with the condition from birth, said, “I noticed as soon as we got home, the difference was amazing,” reports the Mirror.

Sara added, “Usually he’d sit on the sofa with his legs bent up but they were normal, like ours.

“It may sound unusual but if it helps my little boy walk, I do not care,” Sara continued.

US researchers have previously demonstrated that Botox can help cerebral palsy sufferers. In a study of 250 children an 86% success rate was recorded, with noticeable improvements in symptoms of muscle spasticity after the injections.

Dr Marc DiFazio, a US based neurologist who led the study, says, “These results confirm that botulinum toxin in appropriate dosing is safe and effective for long-term use for children with cerebral palsy.”

A spokesperson for the charity Scope told the BBC:

“Botulism toxin treatment does have benefits for some children, but it may not be the solution for all. This new research reinforces what we know already. It is obviously encouraging.”


Aiden is now eligible for an operation that will cure his condition.


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