Boy suspended after taking cutlery to school

Six-year-old faces reform centre for bringing his own knife and fork


A six-year-old boy faces 45 days in a reform centre after attempting to eat his school lunch with a knife and fork from a camping set.


Zachary Christie, from Delaware in the US, violated the school’s zero tolerance policy on dangerous instruments by taking his folding cutlery to school. He was suspended and ordered to attend a school for badly behaved youngsters.

“I had absolutely no idea this was going to happen. When they called my name out I thought ‘uh oh.’ I have always learned to ask before taking something new into school, and to ask anybody that looks over me,” said Zachary.


Mum Debbie is appealing and says she will home school her son if the ruling isn’t overturned. “I understand why they have this policy but I don’t agree with the implementation of it. I think they need to look at the age, maturity and intent of the child.”

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