Broken arm saves unborn baby’s life

Pregnant mum Shona Stacey's visit to casualty led to discovery of very ill baby


When mum-to-be Shona Stacey broke her arm and ended up in A&E, little did she know it would save her unborn baby’s life.


After Shona’s arm was set in plaster, she was advised to have a scan to check her baby was OK after the fall. The scan in fact showed that Shona’s baby was close to death due to the failure of her placenta.

Shona was given an emergency caesarean the next day and baby Keira was born at 27 weeks, weighing just 1lb 3oz (540g). A few days later and Keira would have died, starved due to the failed placenta.

However, tiny Keira had a tough beginning. She contracted pneunomia soon after birth and suffered fractured legs and ribs as her little bones were so fragile.

After 4 months in hospital Keira finally came home and is now expected to live a normal life.

“I look at her everyday and I just cannot believe she is here. She is so precious and we just feel blessed,” mum Shona told the Metro.


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