Broody round-up – celebs desperate for babies

Sam Fox, Colin McAllister, Russell Brand and Hugh Grant reveal they’re desperate for babies

A number of celebrities have revealed they’re desperate for children. Life in the jungle has made a number of the stars broody, as two of the I’m A Celebrity contestants have already admitted they’d like babies in the not-too-distant future.


Former glamour model Sam Fox told her camp mates, “I’m going to really try for a baby in the New Year.” Katie Price said, “I think you should, you’d absolutely love it.”

It seems Sam’s broodiness has rubbed off on her fellow jungle mates, as interior design TV presenter Colin McAllister admitted, “I really miss the children I never had.” When asked by Katie if he would adopt a child with partner Justin Ryan, he revealed, “Maybe, when we stop travelling!”

Former ladies man Russell Brand has also said he feels ready for children now he’s settled down with singer Katy Perry. “I am ready, actually. It’s seven years since I took drugs. I’ve made a film. I don’t think I have to fight so much. I think I have grown weary of the carousel.”

Even Hugh Grant, who previously revealed he never wanted children, has changed his tune. “Ten years ago, I wouldn’t have thought about having children at all. But now I have so many nephews and nieces and cousins and godchildren, I like the thought. I find I’m not as bad with children as I used to be.”


It seems we could be seeing a number of new celebrity babies in 2010!

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