Carrying children gives mums bad backs

A fifth of mums spend four hours a day carrying their children, totaling a whopping two months per year


Many mums spend an average of two months per year carrying their children, a ThermaCare survey reveals. Of the 3,000 men and women polled, almost half of the mums (48%) said that picking up their kids causes most of the strain.


Celebrity mums like Victoria Beckham, Jessica Alba and Jennifer Garner are often spotted carrying their babies and toddlers. They make it seem so easy often with baby in one arm and a designer bag in the other. Jen even used her baby bump to prop up 3-year-old daughter Seraphina and Dannii Minogue powered through the pain of carrying a heavy-looking Ethan. But, 7% of mums said that lifting their little one was what kick started muscular pain in their back.

Mums also listed tidying up after their kids, bath time and pushing a pram as the most likely activities to leave them with noticeable back pain. Nearly 12% revealed it affected them everyday and even interrupts them when they’re spending time with their kids. Just how do the celebs do it?

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