Celebrity baby news roundup!

Baby joy for Coronation Street star Sally Lindsay, plus Noel Gallagher and Dannii Minogue cause a stir about their unborn babies


Former Coronation Street actress Sally Lindsay has announced that she is “overjoyed” to be pregnant with twins. The 36-year-old, who played downtrodden Shelly Unwin in the TV soap, couldn’t be happier. “It’s just a joy. We’re beside ourselves. It was a bit of a shock when we found out, but it’s the first time for so it’s lovely really,” she told This Morning.


However, despite having two babies on the way, don’t expect her and her partner Steve White to be treading down the aisle anytime soon. “Not in this condition! I’m not really into the shotgun wedding look!”

Meanwhile, former Oasis rock star and dad-to-be Noel Gallagher has been sharing his baby name ideas. The 40-year-old musician wants to name his unborn baby, if it’s a boy, after his favouritie football player Carlos Tevez – whether his partner Sara MacDonald likes it or not!

“The new baby – Sara doesn’t know this yet – it’s definitely going to be called Carlos, or just Tevez. Tevez Gallagher. Carlito Gallagher,” Noel told FA TV. “She doesn’t know this, but I’ll nip out to the Registry Office while she’s having a nap.” The mini Carlos or Tevez will be Noel’s third baby, his second with his partner Sara.

Having already dropped numerous hints on the sex of their unborn baby ‘Smithogue’, it seems that Danni Minogue’s other half Kris Smith has been at it again! After previously getting tongues waggling after posting a boyish baby purchase on his Twitter, the rugby star was caught out after talking at an event in Australia, hinting that him and his X Factor judge partner are expecting a baby girl.

“There’s been a few sleepless nights but it will be all worth it to see her beautiful face,” he said during an interview.


We’ll have to wait until Dannii’s due date in July to find out!

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