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Celebrity Big Brother winner Alex Reid wants babies with Katie Price

Cage fighter is ready for fatherhood with the ‘most hated woman in Britain’ - his new wife

After being crowned the unlikely winner of Celebrity Big Brother, Alex Reid has confessed that the experience has given him maternal feelings. “I feel so ready for kids. It is definitely a big adventure,” he admitted to the Daily Star.


Gushing about his love for his brand new wife Katie Price, it’s clear that Alex wants her to be his baby mama! “I’d love to have lots of children, I love them. Katie is someone I totally connect with, I’m just besotted with her.”

In a surprise move, the pair jetted off to Las Vegas earlier this week for a quickie wedding. Katie decided against turning her second marriage into a big media event and instead opted for a 22-minute ceremony.

Katie, who is already mum to Harvey, 8, Junior, 4, and Princess, 2, has been doing her fair share of baby talk too. Talking to comedian Alan Carr on his talk show, Chatty Man, she revealed, “Alex is such a great father figure – he’s a complete natural. Junior just adores him.”

During his stint on CBB, Alex also admitted missing Katie’s children, whose dad is singer Peter Andre, but kept it to himself in case it was misconstrued. “I missed Princess, Junior and Harvey while I was in there and I felt weird about saying it because Pete was watching and I knew he would hate it.” Currently in the middle of a bitter war of words between his beau and her ex-husband, the cross dresser stressed, “I could never expect to be their dad but I can be a good role model.”

Meanwhile, on ‘Team Pete’, the Mysterious Girl singer broke down live on air during an interview with Sky News, when he was asked about Katie and new husband Alex potentially adopting Pete's children from his marriage to Katie. "No one is going to take my kids away from me. Nobody," he declared with tears in his eyes. "I will fight to the death for that. I will die for those children. I will tell you now. I will go to court." Pete then told Sky interviewer Kay Burley that he couldn't continue with the TV interview and the channel had to cut to the adverts.

Earlier in the week, Pete was talking about life as a single parent. “I’m a 36-year-old man with children and I want someone who is prepared to take all of that on. I want true love that will last and a love I can trust,” he told Fabulous magazine.


Pete also revealed that he still has his ex-wife’s name tattooed on his wedding finger, but has kept it for his children’s sake. “I don’t want to have it removed because it would confuse my children. They look for it on my hand. When I meet the right woman it will go.”

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