Celebrity mums share their baby’s latest milestones

Jessica Simpson, Michelle Heaton and Lily Allen take to Twitter to keep us up to date...


All mums love to share their little ones’ milestones, but unlike Jessica Simpson, Lily Allen and Michelle Heaton, most of us don’t have a few hundred thousand Twitter followers to tell! Still, with babies as cute as theirs, we can’t say we blame them for wanting the world to know!


Mum-of-two Lily Allen took to Twitter to express her joy at little Marnie Rose’s first beam: “I just got my first smile.” This is such an adorable and magical moment we only wish Lily had shared a pic so we could all see just how cute her baby girl is!

Jessica Simpson expressed her amazement at nine-month-old Maxwell’s musical ability, tweeting: “Maxwell can whistle on cue at 9 months! Heck I’m still learning! This lil human impresses me everyday.”

It’s not all smiles and laughter though, as Michelle Heaton knows all too well. Her daughter Faith is teething, and it’s not only little Faith who is suffering! “First time since she was 1 month old that Faith had to sleep in my arms to calm her down… the pain in her little face! #damnteeth #deadarm lol.”

Actor Chris Hemsworth’s little girl India Rose is also reaching milestones, as she takes her first wobbly steps – awwww!

Did you document the milestones with your baby? Let us know below!


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