Channel 4 show accused of putting babies’ lives at risk

More than 250 viewers complained after Channel 4 aired the first episode of its series Bringing Up Baby last week.


Bringing Up Baby follows six couples with newborns as they trial the parenting methods of three influential baby experts.


Some of the methods shown in the programme- namely leaving baby to sleep in another room or having the newborn sleep in the same bed as its parents – have been criticised by the Foundation of Sudden Infant Deaths (FSID).

FSID has called the programme’s producers irresponsible for showing methods that contradict Government advice, which states babies are safest in a cot in their parents’ bedroom for the first six months, without giving viewers any kind of warning.


A Channel 4 spokesman has said that the makers of Bringing Up Baby, Silver River, sought medical advice before, during and after filming.

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