Chrissy Teigen waves goodbye to pregnancy glow with ‘itchy red spots’ selfie

New mum Chrissy faces up to the post-pregnancy blotch with trademark humour


New mum Chrissy Teigen is keeping it real – and we love her for it. Just 2 weeks after giving birth to her daughter Luna, the US model has found out what happens to your skin when your pregnancy hormones do a bunk – and she’s not afraid to share it.


Taking to Snapchat, she posted a make-up-free selfie, with the caption, “Goodbye, pregnancy glow. Hi, itchy red spots.”

OK, so we’re not talking full-on blackhead breakout here (you should have seen what happened to some of us, post-baby!) but hats off to Chrissy for saying – and showing – it like it so often is.

That hormone-triggered ‘glow’ that most of us get from mid-pregnancy onwards does tend to give us the smoothest of skin (and the most gloss-tastic of hair). And it’s a look that often stays with you for the first few days after the birth – as Chrissy’s first pics with baby Luna, below, show.

All of which means it can be something of a shock to find that, a week or so later, your complexion’s dumped the smooth look for the blotchy, bumpy, spotty one.

Right at the time when up-all-hours-baby-induced lack of sleep is giving your eyes some lovely (not) new bags and shadows.

Never mind, Chrissy: we’re sure that, like us, you’d say no end of spots and eyebags are worth holding your baby in your arms. Luna looks so cute in that pic you took, below, for her dad, John Legend!

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