Chrissy Tiegen gets mum-shamed for how she’s holding baby daughter Luna

Have online commenters really not got anything better to do?


It’s a good job Chrissy Teigen is one feisty mama who will not take any nonsense from so called “mummy shamers”.


When the tweet above was posted, calling her out on how she was holding her 6-month-old daughter Luna, Chrissy didn’t hesitate in answering back.

The original post, declaring “This is not how a baby is held” soon got a very sassy response from the model, who hit back with:

“Really because that’s how I’m f**king holding her”.

And she didn’t leave it there. A little while later she tweeted:

“Photos are literally split-second moments in time that evolve. I despise mommy shamers. I am a proud shamer of mommy shamers.”


And when another keyboard warrior decided to offer their twopenn’orth, Chrissy didn’t let them go unchallenged either.

“There are incorrect ways to hold infants whether shielding her from a fire or pap!” the tweeter wrote, resulting in the reply of “Please, do shut up”.

Of course, there are right and wrong ways to hold a baby. The NHS has an excellent explanatory video about holding a newborn. The main things are to support your baby’s head and keep your baby supported.

But as Chrissy points out, a pic is literally a snapshot of a fleeting moment – who is to say how Luna was being cradled before or after that? Or if she had just suddenly shifted position or squirmed as the pic was taken. Let’s face it, she wasn’t being hung upside down by her ankles.

It raises the question again – unless a child is in danger, is it anyone’s business? Why do people take SO much pleasure in pulling other parents to pieces (particularly celeb mums and dads?) How about a bit of support, eh?

Pics: Chrissy Tiegen/Instagram & Twitter

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