Coleen Rooney proves sending your kids to school gets easier!

Kai looks much more excited to go to school this year


The chill in the air and squeak of new shoes can only mean one thing… the start of a new term. And 5-year-old Kai Rooney couldn’t look more excited about his first day back at school.


Dressed in his long shorts and socks, blazer and cap – doesn’t he look smart? Proud mum Coleen made her eldest stand by the car for this sweet picture, but can you guess who was feeling left out? Kai’s younger brother Klay.

So pregnant Coleen dressed the 2-year-old in his own special Manchester United football uniform and let him get in on the picture. “Back to school for Kai! ??❤,” she commented.


But it wasn’t such a happy story this time last year. Dressed in the same uniform for his first day at reception, Kai looked more than a bit apprehensive about starting school. Just look at his grin this year on the left, compared to his scared face on the right!

“The time is nearly here….. Kai starts reception this week!!! Big boy now!!” his mum Coleen tweeted in September last year.

Well, here’s some consolation for the rest of us – it does get easier!

Photos: Facebook / Coleen Rooney and Twitter / Coleen Rooney

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