Coronation Street actress pleased about planned teen pregnancy storyline

Georgia May Foote is glad that the ITV soap is tackling another teen mum-to-be storyline, and this time it’s about a planned teen pregnancy

Coronation Street star Georgia May Foote has revealed that she is happy with her character’s planned pregnancy, despite only being 16 years old. Georgia’s character, Katy, has recently moved in with boyfriend Chesney, played by Sam Aston. The teen couple are now planning to become parents.


“It’s good that Coronation Street is tackling the subject and are going to show how Katy and Chesney struggle. A lot of girls at my school had babies as soon as they left and half of them were planned, so it’s a big issue,” Georgia told the Daily Star Sunday.

“Everyone has their own choice. Personally I’m very career-driven and I’d be really, really shocked if I found out that I was pregnant. I’d love to have kids myself but I’d rather wait until I was older,” Georgia revealed.

What are your thoughts on Corrie’s storyline about planned teen pregnancy?


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