Cost of UK summer holidays continues to rise

Families will spend an extra £26 billion during the school summer holiday’s this year, a new survey says


British parents are expected to spend an average of £1,515 over the six week summer holiday this year, a new survey from Premier Inn suggests.


The figure, which totals a staggering £26 billion spend by the nation’s parents, says that the average family of four will spend £984 on childcare, £216 on entrance to a popular attraction, £90 on refreshments, £183.90 on travel and £40.50 on ‘extras’ such as guide books and souvenirs.

“Parents are under increasing pressure to find cost-effective ways of entertaining their children throughout the summer holidays,” said Steve Conway from Premier Inn.


Are you finding it more expensive to keep your kids entertained during the summer? Do you think it was much cheaper when you were children yourself? Let us know on our forum.    

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