Curry cures the blues

Eating curry could make you feel happier


Nine out of 10 people feel happier after eating a curry, a survey by online food ordering website has shown. This was especially the case if the curry was hot.


It seems that the ingredients in hot curries help your body release ‘feel good’ hormones.

The survey revealed vindaloo, madras and Thai curry are some of the best to help beat stress.

So, does this means when your pregnancy cravings see you scoffing a curry every night, you could actually be boosting your mood, too? We’re not 100% sure about that, but it’s a good enough excuse for us!

There’s also the old wives’ tale that hot curry can help kick start your labour. There may be a little truth in this trick, as stimulating your stomach (and bowels!) could possibly help stimulate your cervix. Just be careful how much you eat if you have a sensitive stomach – diarrhoea in labour is something most of us would prefer to avoid.


What’s your feel-good food? Let us know…

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