Dad-to-be makes astonishing landscapes with partner’s bump to share baby news

We've never seen a pregnancy announcement quite like this one...


Pregnancy announcements are getting more and more creative it seems, but this one tops the lot. It’s certainly the most unusual bump art the MFM team has seen and we must admit we were a bit divided on what we think. And we can’t deny the incredible work that’s gone into their creation. What do you reckon?


Dad to be Simon Schaffrath used non-toxic (and totally safe) modelling products to turn his pregnant partner’s belly into various different scenes – from golf courses to snowy mountains – each including the word Theo (they’re going to call the baby Theodor).


He spent a week on each image – modelling, taking the photos and editing – yes, the guy you can see in some of  the photos is Simon. But what about his partner? We all know how uncomfortable it is lying on your back when you’re pregnant – not to mention that it’s not a healthy long-term position for your unborn baby…


Sharing a little bit about the process, Simon says: “I worked on every photo for one week. We took the photos on Sundays, then I retouched them with Photoshop till Wednesdays and after that I planned the next shoot.

“Modelling was great fun for both of us – of course we only used non-toxic and skin-tolerant products and materials, such as paste.”


He confirms that they would come into difficulties when little Theodor kicked – as that cracked the paste and they had to re-do the landscapes. Agghh! 


Each image has a special message attached, too. For example, the golfing one says “Know your goals”, the mountaineering one says “You can reach everything”, the skiing one, “You will find your way” and the ‘desert island’ one “Enjoy the moment”. 

What do you reckon?

Would you and your partner think of doing something like this? Tell us in the comments below.

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