Dannii Minogue’s big baby bother

TV judge reveals baby Ethan is getting too big to carry


Dannii Minogue has revealed that her bouncing baby boy is growing at an astonishing rate – so much so that she struggles to carry him!


The celebrity mum spoke out about two-year-old Ethan’s growth spurt to Glamour, saying, “He is sooo big. He is as big as a three year old.

Diminutive Dannii also admitted she finds it “funny” that her son is so big despite the fact she now struggles to bear his weight on her petite 5ft 2″ frame. “It’s funny, because he’s still a little baby and he needs mummy to pick him up but it’s getting harder. He’s heavy but he’s just a complete and utter bundle of joy,” She said.

As MadeForMums recently reported, young Ethan is said to be becoming quite the sportsman with a “golf swing that people cannot believe” according to his proud mum.


We reckon all of that sporting muscle will put to good use, as if Ethan keeps on growing at this rate, he will be able to return the favour and give Dannii a piggyback when her stilettos start to pinch…

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