Denise Van Outen – “I had a big mummy meltdown”

TV presenter and mum-of-one Denise talks about motherhood and her new book


Denise Van Outen has reportedly shared that she had a “mummy meltdown” after giving birth to daughter Betsy, now 2.


Speaking on ITV1’s This Morning, Denise said that around the time of her 37th birthday, “I had a big mummy meltdown and I couldn’t really explain it at the time but looking back I was obviously still very hormonal,” reports the Huffington Post.

Denise apparently added, “But it was just silly things and now it seems stupid because it was things like I couldn’t make the bed, Betsy wouldn’t stop crying, I couldn’t answer the phone to anybody. I was so stressed and my friends had said let’s go out together but I just felt like I couldn’t go because everything was out of control.”

Denise explained, “Sometimes women do go through that and they feel guilty for admitting it and actually saying that they found it hard.”

The mum-of-one has just released her second parenting book, Adventures in Parenthood. “Anyone will tell you it’s the hardest job in the world being a mother,” she said. “And it came as a massive shock to me, which is one of the reasons why I wanted to do the book.”

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