RD Eating for two in pregnancy linked to obesity

Mums-to-be over-eating while pregnant could leave women carrying extra baby-weight for life, say researchers


Eating for two is a saying that many mums-to-be will have heard and some will have used. Even pregnant popstar Pink has admitted eating for two, but researchers claim that pregnant women who gain excessive weight while pregnant are at higher risk of obesity and health problems in later life.


“You don’t need to eat for two during pregnancy because this will cause you problems in later life, and is also linked to a higher risk of your baby becoming obese in childhood. Our findings suggest that regular monitoring of weight in pregnancy provides a window of opportunity to prevent health problems,” said Dr Abigail Fraser, who led the Bristol University study.

The NHS advise that during the first six months of pregnancy, a woman’s recommended energy intake of 1,940 calories a day doesn’t change, meaning there is no need for extra food.

In the last three months of pregnancy, pregnant women need an additional 200 calories a day, meaning just a bowl of fruit salad and yogurt will be sufficient.

Did you ‘eat-for-two’ while you were pregnant?

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