EXCLUSIVE Q&A: Coleen Rooney talks about being a mum

Yummy mum-to-be, Mrs Rooney, tells us all about Kai's dressing up habit and being pregnant for the second time, ahead of her new Littlewoods children's venture


While attending the launch of Coleen’s children’s collection for Littlewoods, also attended by glam mums-to-be Danielle Lloyd and Lucy-Jo Hudson and gorgeous mum Natasha Hamilton, we got the chance to have a chat with the mum of the moment about Kai and his love of fancy dress, the impending arrival of her newest son-to-be and the beauty product she swears by…


MFM: How are you feeling about having another boy in the family?

Coleen: I’m feeling great about having another boy! Both Wayne and myself have two brothers each, and I’ve always liked the relationship that my brothers have had, so hopefully Kai and his baby brother will have that too.

What does Kai think about the new arrival?

Kai knows he is having a baby brother, but I think it has been going on for a bit too long for him to be excited still! He’s got a bit bored of the idea! Nine months is a long time for a little boy to wait, so I think he’s got a bit bored of people asking him. He is ready to meet him now, and believe that there is a baby inside mum’s tummy!

We love seeing all the pictures of Kai dressing up – have you been the driving force behind his fancy outfits?

I don’t particularly like dressing up, but you have got to entertain your kids and fancy dress is a good option! For Christmas he got all of the outfits of the characters from the Wizard of Oz for the whole family, as it is one of his favourite films. I wore the Dorothy outfit. He thought it was the best thing ever that his mummy was dressing up. I got my mum the witch’s outfit, which she wasn’t too keen on!

Kai just loves anyone taking part in anything he does and we are a really close family so we all chip in and march round the house when he wants us to and play with him.

Have you got a beauty product that you swear by while pregnant?

Obviously when I’m pregnant I use Bio Oil before I go to bed: looking like a greased-up, I don’t know what! But I also like the Vaseline Cocoa Butter Gel that is nice when you have had a shower to put on before you put on your pyjamas. With both of my pregnancies, I have got really dry skin because your system lacks so many things when you are pregnant so it using oil keeps it moisturised all day.

Being head of a growing family, how do you juggle your family life and working in fashion?

I’m quite lucky because Kai goes to pre-school now. I sometimes have to travel for launches and shoots, but the time I do spend working, I can make up for because it isn’t a nine to five job: it’s a few days here and there. I still have lots of days when I’m not working and I get to spend lots of time with Kai – and the new baby, when he comes along!

Thanks, Coleen!

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