Family sizes are getting smaller… well, by half a child, that is!

The average number of children per family has dropped, says the Office for National Statistics


The average family size in England and Wales has dropped, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), reports the BBC.


Women born in England and Wales in 1964 were compared to women born in 1937, which basically represented their own mums’ generation. Women born in 1964 were selected because it was thought that they’d have finished having children.

The results show that by last year, the women born in 1964 had an average of 1.9 children. Their mums, however, had an average of 2.4 children when at a similar age. While the most common number of children for both generations is two kids, larger families have become uncommon. For the 1964 women, just one in 10 has a family of four or greater. For their mums’ generation, the rate is double this.

The 1964-born women also have a higher level of childlessness, with 20% having none. For the 1937-born women, the amount without children is 12%.


Let us know if your family size has broken the mould!

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