First aid kit for families on the go

Small and stylish, BabyAid fits into the palm of your hand


If you’re heading on holiday or just off for the day, the BabyAid is a palm-sized solution for those little emergencies.


Going anywhere with your baby can feel like you’re packing for a military operation, with a baby bag stuffed full of essentials. So it’s a relief to hear about a bit of baby kit that’s, well, baby-sized!

BabyAid is compact and travel-friendly, packed full of first aid essentials from plasters and burnshield gel to wipes and thermometers. You can relax knowing all you need is in this nifty pack – and that you can fit it in your handbag.

You don’t have to be clued up on first aid to use this either, as you can whip out the handy first aid advice pack. It’s full of useful tips, as well as guidance on the items in the pack to ensure you’ve applied them properly.


Whatever the accident, emergency, bump or scratch – the BabyAid has it covered! 

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