First baby of France makes her first public appearance

Carla Bruni’s baby girl, Guilia, made her public debut as mum and daughter left hospital yesterday


Five days in hospital after giving birth, 43-year-old Carla Bruni has taken her daughter home. Despite having announced the baby’s name on her website, Carla has insisted that Guilia will be kept away from the public eye.


As the two left the exclusive Clinique de la Muette in Paris, Guilia was wrapped in a dark blue blanket that concealed her from photographers. The pair were then whisked away in a limousine with dark tinted windows and taken to the family’s town house a few streets away.

French president Nicolas Sarzkozy has also asked that that the couple’s first child be kept a private matter.

“Each one of you can also understand that it’s an even deeper joy because it’s private,” said Nicolas, reports the Metro.

As the French presidential elections loom, could Guilia’s arrival make her dad a popular man and give Nic even more reason to smile?

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