Frankie Bridge reveals she had to wait before telling her husband she was pregnant

The Saturdays singer explains how she's finding this pregnancy very different to her first


Frankie Bridge has confessed that she couldn’t tell her husband, footballer Wayne, straight away that she was pregnant again. The 26-year-old Saturdays singer had an excruciating wait before she could share the news of her second pregnancy.


“I did the test at home and Wayne had just left to go snowboarding in France, so when it came up positive I was like, oh my God!” she told Ok! magazine. “I had to wait for Wayne to land so it seemed like the longest flight ever!”

She’s also admitted that this pregnancy is very different to her first. This time she’s “just excited” to be pregnant with her second child, whereas when she was expecting her 1-year-old son Parker “the fear” set in.

“With your first baby you’re excited but then the fear sets in, but now we know how wicked Parker is, we’re just excited.”


The Strictly Come Dancing star celebrated her birthday last week and the soon-to-be big brother helped his dad prepare a special surprise pile of presents complete with cake and balloons for his mm.

“Came down to these guys this morning!!” she commented on Instagram. She also hinted that the extreme morning sickness that forced her to pull out of the Strictly Come Dancing tour has subsided. “No puking today as of yet!” she added. “Bonus!” 

Photos: Getty and Instagram / Frankie Bridge

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