Fussy children mean mums spend more than four years cooking in a lifetime

In the kitchen rattling those pots and pans? You’ll be there for years!


If you feel like you’re always in the kitchen, preparing countless dinners for fussy tots (and dads as we recently revealed), then the fact of the matter is, you probably are.


The time you spend in the kitchen totals up to a whopping 13 hours a week, or one month every year or (drum roll) more than 4 years in your whole lifetime.

The survey, commissioned by Tenderstem broccoli, reveals that 72% of mums cook more than one meal of an evening and just under a quarter of mums dish up three different meals to keep moaning at bay.

Of course, mums aren’t ones to take this kind of time for granted, with a whopping 95% of mums using this time to complete other household tasks.

Food writer and family cookery expert Fiona Faulkner says you can make it easier:

“I try and cook double and freeze half and choose veggies that only take a few minutes to steam. A few simple changes like these can help kick modern mums out of this kitchen rut.” Either that, or invite that Masterchef lot over, eh?


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