The baby name that could become extinct by the end of 2017

Seems new babies are no longer being bestowed with this perfectly lovely name...


If you’re one of the Karens who grace our world, you’ll either be pleased as punch or saddened to hear the news that your name is reportedly set to become extinct by the end of the year.


According to research, people just aren’t naming their little ones Karen anymore – eventually making them as rare and distinct as perhaps Gwyneth’s Apple, or Cheryl’s Bear.

We’ve reported before on the ‘baby names no one wants‘, and it would seem that poor old Karen is now heading the same way as Gertrude and Bertha.

We have no idea why, though. While a quick poll in the office revealed we didn’t actually know that many Karens, we all quite liked the name.

So if you are a Karen, perhaps it’s either time to start a resurgence campaign, or revel in your soon-to-be exclusivity.

You could even hop into the comments or visit our Facebook page and let us know what you think about your name!

And if you’re a parent-to-be: would you consider the name Karen for your forthcoming arrival?

Perhaps for the same reason a mum and dad named their son Gary last year – to stop it from dying out?

We’d love to know…

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