Great news! We’re getting more quality time with our children

New research shows mums and dads are devoting more time to family life


Great news for mums and dads – a new study has revealed parents are spending more quality time with their children. Mums spend the most time with their youngsters, clocking up between 51 to 86 minutes a day in 2000, compared to just 8 to 21 minutes in 1975.


It’s suggested that this is because more of us are reading to our children and arranging more family days out. The figures also showed dads cared for their children for 32 to 36 minutes a day in 2000 – in 1975, they spent just 3 to 8 minutes with their little ones.

Researchers, from the University of Oxford, analysed thousands of time diaries kept by UK families. Dr Oriel Sullivan, a sociologist from the university, said, “The last 50 years have seen a meaningful shift in the domestic division of labour, with men contributing more to both housework and childcare.”


It’s nice to hear some positive stats praising mums and dads!

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