Greg Rutherford’s holiday disaster with baby Milo

Greg and partner Susie Verrill had to run out of their 'exploding' villa with their 6-month-old baby


Greg Rutherford and his family had to make a dash for their lives on holiday when their villa ‘blew up’. The Olympic long jump champion was staying in a villa with his partner Susie Verrill and their 6-month-old son Milo in Arizona when disaster struck.


Taking to Twitter to describe the ordeal, Greg and Susie described becoming aware  of a “burning smell” and then “running into the street”.

“Myself @rugbycupcakes, @JermaineOlasan and milo have had an interesting evening. It involved running into the street fearing for our lives,” Greg tweeted. “The air conditioning unit in our rented house blew up. It sounded like the place was about to take off. Emergency accom for tonight it is.”

“Well this is tremendous. @GregJRutherford, ‪@JermaineOlasan, Milo and I have just had to run away from our villa because it nearly blew up,” Susie tweeted. “It’s nearly 10pm here and we’ve all had to leg it out of our villa because the air conditioning unit started stinking the house out with a burning smell and blew up. Milo and I are sat in the car while the guys collect a few belongings and then it’s alternative accommodation for the night.”


The family are currently in America enjoying the sunshine while Greg is in training.

Just hours before the drama, Susie posted a picture of herself with Milo on Instagram to celebrate his 6-month milestone. Six months ago today (and two hours) this little one had made his appearance. We’re celebrating by dressing him up like an idiot and going for a swim,” she commented.

Greg also shared a picture of himself and Milo hanging out poolside. “Me and this stud are off for a swim,” he added.

And while out and about, Milo has been crusiing in the Stokke Crusi, £879, with the stylish Stroller Style kit Grid, £99. Even Greg has been enjoying getting to grips with the buggy!

Have you ever had a disaster while on holiday with your little one? Let us know in the comments below.

Photos: Instagram / Greg Rutherford and Instagram / Susie Verrill

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