Growing trend for schools to recognise ‘family time’

Homework ban for pupils of new free school


Opening next year, the Jane Austen College has joined a number of other primary and secondary schools around the country and announced it will be a homework-free zone to give pupils more family time.


Claire Heald, prospective principal of the mixed comprehensive based in Norwich, told the Telegraph: “Rather than setting homework that students could struggle with at home, they will do that as independent study in the day. When they go home they should enjoy quality family time.”

She added: “There will not be any tradtional homework – and that has been really well received by parents who respect the fact that family time will be family time.” 

Instead, pupils will be expected to do all their work during school time, which will be extended until 5pm every day.

The move is part of a growing trend to ban or reduce homework. In 2010, the television presenter Kirstie Allsop began a campaign against homework for primary school children. In March this year Education Secretary Michael Gove approved plans for schools the reduce the amount of homework they set.

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