Half of all new mothers are now aged 30 or over

Number of older women giving birth today rivals World War II baby boom


It’s revealed today that nearly half of all UK babies are now born to mothers aged 30 or over.


According to the Office for National Statistics, there are now older mums in Britain than in 1946, when couples being reunited for the first time since World War II caused a huge baby boom.

The average age of women giving birth aged 30 or older was 352,557 in 2011, compared to 351,945 in 1946.

Factors such as the high cost of living, the unstable economy, and a greater majority of women putting their education and careers first, are believed to be behind the rise.

It’s also thought that the labor market’s uncertainty, housing factors, and instability of partnerships could also be delaying women from having children.

And the number of teenage mums has decreased for the fifth year in a row, with only 5% being under the age of 20 when they gave birth.

The topic of delaying children until later in life has always been a hotly debated topic, with some experts questioning whether it’s unfair on children.

Meanwhile, the Royal College for Midwives has been putting forward a case that this new baby boom will put an enormous strain on the NHS.

Did you have your baby when you were 30 or older? What were your reasons? Tell us your story below…

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