Helen Flanagan loves her pregnancy hair – but mums warn it won’t last!

The ex-Corrie actress is raving about her 'thicker' locks in her 7th month of pregnancy - but has she read the other mums' comments?


Pregnant Helen Flanagan has posted a picture of her full and bouncy hair to Instagram – praising pregnancy for making her hair “much thicker”. Ah, but this is pregnancy, right. And ANYTHING can happen. So guess what – mums have been quick to warn Helen that it will probably fall out once she’s given birth!


“Lol so pleased with how much thicker my hair is after taking my extensions out 2 months ago. Thank you pregnancy,” she commented on the selfie.

In February, the former Coronation Street  actress debuted her new shorter hair do after chopping off her hair and removing her extensions to prepare for her baby. “I naturally have thin hair,” she explained at the time. “With my baby coming in June I won’t really have time to have my extensions blow dried often.”

But experienced (and perhaps world-weary) mums took to Instagram comments to tell Helen her new-found bouncy do won’t last. “It’s great when pregnant but prepare to lose that extra hair when your baby is 3/4 months,” one wrote. “My hair fell out when both my boys were about 3 month old. This continued for about 3 months then I had the re growth sticking up all over the place!” another added cheerfully.

Did your hair change during pregnancy? Let us know in the comments below…

Photos: Instagram / Helen Flanagan

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