Ill mother given chance to see her boy’s birthday

Mum with terminal cancer receives surprise donation to pay for life-extending drugs


Mum Nikki Blunden who is terminally ill with breast cancer has been given a chance to celebrate her boy’s fourth birthday, thanks to a donor who’s offered to pay for anti-cancer drugs.


Nikki had been told by her local authority that she wouldn’t be given the potentially life-prolonging drugs on the grounds of cost.

Out of the blue, businessman Nazir Mohammed offered her £25,000 to pay for the treatment.

Nikki is hoping that the drugs will enable her to live at least until her son Thomas turns four in August.

Nazir doesn’t know Nikki but heard about the family through a friend. “if I can give her the chance of a few more months by paying for the drug, I’m happy to do that,” he said.

Nikki and her husband Richard, who are both 37, are both bowled over by Nazir’s generous offer. “I am just overwhelmed with the offer,” said Nikki. “We have no idea why Mr Mohammed decided to make the offer. It’s a bit of a mystery. There are so many generous people that don’t get the recognition they deserve.”


We think Mr Mohammed deserves a big thank you – he’s definitely our MadeForMums Man of the Day.

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