RD Is pregnant Kate Middleton considering a hypnobirth?

Duchess of Cambridge said to be exploring hypnosis and breathing techniques


The Duchess of Cambridge is due to give birth in July and is reportedly considering a hypnobirth for the delivery.


Kate has bucked a number of royal traditions, including possibly announcing the birth on Twitter  as well as through Buckingham Palace, and now it appears she may also be thinking of putting her own spin on traditional birthing techniques.

Hypnotherapy is becoming increasingly popular as a way of reducing pain during labour and involves a sequence of specific breathing exercises to relax the body. Hypnotherapy also reduces the need for an epidural as pain relief, and Kate has allegedly been exploring her options.

A source reportedly told Now magazine: “Kate’s very excited about the idea of hypnobirth.

“She’s exploring lots of options but thinks it sounds very interesting,” they added.

Since the 31-year-old Kate annouced she was expecting, the world has been enthralled by her pregnancy (and her maternity fashion!), so her preparation and birth plan will be equally newsworthy.

If Kate does decide to use hypnobirthing, she won’t be the only mum-to-be in the spotlight to use the technique.

Celebrity mum-of-six Angelina Jolie allegedly used hypnobirthing techniques when she gave birth via caesarean to her twins Vivienne and Knox. Actress Busy Phillipswho’s currently pregnant with her second child, also decided to let nature take its course, with a little help from hypnotherapy and complementary birth therapies when she gave birth to her first baby.

Actress and mum-of-two Jessica Alba has also previously revealed her love of hypnobirthing. 

“It’s not like the clock in front of your face and you go out and you wake up and you got a baby,” explained on The Ellen DeGeneres show.

“Basically, my husband takes me through a sort of a meditation. So he’s saying, ‘You’re relaxed and you’re floating on clouds,’ while you’re going through labour and your contractions.”

Here at MFM HQ we’re wondering what Kate will choose?

Did you use hypnobirthing? Let us know below…


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