It’s official! Mums compete over children’s parties

A new survey discovers mums can’t help bragging about their children’s achievements


Mums just can’t resist competing over the best children’s birthday parties, reports the BBC. A new survey by Mum Poll revealed that birthday parties are the ideal place for mums to show off and 39% also admitted they can’t help bragging about their child’s achievements to other mums.


The survey of 3,000 mums discovered nearly half wanted their baby to be the first to walk, crawl and talk. One in five admitted feeling a sense of achievement when their youngster got the hang of potty training quickly.

While 78% said their competitive nature was “ridiculous”, most said they just couldn’t stop themselves.

Losing weight quickly after giving birth was another area that triggered that competitive streak, and 27% of mums admitted to crash dieting and vigorous exercise to try and regain their pre-pregnancy figures.

“By nature women are generally more competitive than men, but mums put an awful lot of pressure on themselves to be the best at everything,” said a spokeswoman for Mum Poll. “I’m sure that, to most mums, it would be a massive relief to go round another’s house and find it just as messy as theirs, to find children who haven’t done their GCSEs at age seven and to find the husband is working late for the fourth night in a row.”

If you’re competitive about children’s parties, be thankful you’re not a celebrity – you’d be trying to out-do Gwen Stefani’s alleged $15,000 birthday bash and Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s ‘soldier’ themed party.


Do you find yourself competing with other mums? Let us know below….come on, be honest!

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