Jack and baby Pearl do Sunday lunch – Osbourne style

Grandparents Sharon and Ozzy keep up family tradition… but not without a fight!


While it warms our cockles to see Ozzy Osbourne play doting granddad to Jack’s baby daughter Pearl, it’s also somewhat reassuring to hear that there is still some fight in the old Prince of Darkness yet.


Like many of us come the Sabbath day, the Osbournes like to gather for a traditional Sunday lunch and coo over the youngest member of the clan, but according to Jack, the feisty family still manage to clash over the venue.

“Nanna and Grandpa are busy, but they’re very involved”, he told People magazine.

“Every Sunday we have lunch together. We’ve always gone to their house, they never come to my house. It’s taken me nine months to really hammer into them that driving all the way across town with a newborn baby is a lot more difficult than them driving all the way across town to visit me and a newborn baby. And they’re starting to actually understand that now!”

Still, despite their initial stubbornness, we can’t help but feel Sharon and Ozzy have softened slightly in their new calling as granny and granddad.

We can recall a time when an Osbourne Sunday lunch would have been dead bat and whisky served on a tour bus, and if anyone dared criticise the arrangement Sharon would have curled her top lip, pronounced them lacking in X Factor and swiftly voted them off.

Or, er, that’s how we imagine it went anyway…


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