Jessica Alba in parenting overdrive?

From preparing a week’s worth of baby meals to getting ready for Easter (kind of), Jessica’s one switched-on mum


Warning – if you’re feeling a little unorganised at the moment, don’t read this. Jessica Alba’s got her foot down and is in the parenting fast lane, with meals cooked for a week, Easter-inspired babywear coming together and Honor’s nails painted.


Easter might still be over a month away but Jessica appears to be already in the spirit, dressing her youngest, Haven, as a bunny. The excited mum tweeted, “Hello everybunny”. We probably shouldn’t be that surprised. There were the hand-stitched costumes at Halloween and an onslaught of tweets and photo-taking at Thanksgiving. But really, isn’t Mother’s Day first? We’re looking forward to having an excuse to put our feet up.

It’s not just the fun stuff that Jess is prepared for either. The mum-of-two tweeted a pic of 6-month-old Haven’s food for the week. Although, after sharing a picture of her whole hand covered in plasters from a cooking-related burn, perhaps Jess might need to slow down a bit. She’ll no doubt want to lose the princess plasters soon so she can get a funky manicure like Honor, who’s rocking orange and spotty nails. Jess tweeted she’s “jelly of her 3 year olds nail art”. Jess, we’re jealous of you. Can you come and prepare us for the next month, please?!


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