Jessica Alba waging war on toxic chemicals

Mum-of-two Jessica fights for Safe Chemicals Act in the US


Hollywood actress Jessica Alba has expressed her concerns over toxic chemicals found in children’s products and has demanded for stronger protections from the US government.  Jessica has also been talking about her efforts to create a safer environment for her daughters, 3-year-old Honor and 4-month-old Haven.


This week, concerned mum Jessica tweeted about an article on her discussing this issue. “Important info everyone should know!!” shared Jessica.

The 30-year-old revealed that while she was pregnant with Honor, she kept busy by researching about the toxic chemicals that could harm her baby.

“I was shocked. There are so many toxic chemicals – not just the obvious ones like bleach – in crib mattresses and baby shampoo that are known and proven to be harmful to people’s health,” said Jessica, reports

Jessica, who has joined Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families, a campaign in America that’s pushing for the Safe Chemicals Act of 2011, continued to prove that she’s done her homework…

“There are 80,000 chemicals in consumer products – chemicals that frankly haven’t been tested,” said Jessica.

The actress has also revealed that since doing the research she thinks twice about the beauty products she buys, in an attempt to keep Haven and Honor, who is a big nail-polish fan, safe.

“We use non-toxic nail polish. I try to use as much non-toxic makeup as possible, certainly on my lips because I kiss my kids,” said Jessica. She also avoids “anything made with petroleum or formaldehyde.”

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