Jude Law’s unborn baby has a name

Three months before the birth, mum-to-be Samantha Burke has revealed her baby's name

Samantha Burke, currently pregnant with Jude Law’s fourth child has already revealed the name of her unborn baby-to-be, calling her Sophia. She is due to give birth in October.


In true celebrity style, mum-to-be Samantha released a statement via her lawyer announcing the name of the unborn baby. Although the name may not be eccentric or surprising like Apple, Zuma or Gunner, the timing certainly was.

Considering the public interest in the pregnancy, Samantha’s announcement has caused some to question if it is too soon to reveal the name. While it’s a matter of personal choice, many mums prefer to keep baby name choices secret until their baby arrives.

Deciding on a baby name that both mum and dad like can be tough. We wonder if Jude had any say in the name game?

It’s not the first time celebrities have had us all talking over the baby names. Britney Spears left fans waiting six weeks until she announced her son Jayden’s name and Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck teased us for a week before revealing the name of their second daughter, Seraphina.


Whatever your preference, you can find out what Sophia means in our new Baby Name Finder or have a browse through other celebrity baby names.


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