Karren Brady talks business for working mothers

The millionaire businesswoman on what makes the working world unfair


Apprentice star Karren Brady is hitting the headlines with her controversial views about working women. 


Karren, who famously rose to the role of managing director at Birmingham City FC, says: “We working women, we beat ourselves up all the time… but when my children need me I’m there. Am I there every time to drop them off at school? No, I’m not. Am I there to pick them up? No again, because I can’t be a taxi driver, unfortunately, and run a business employing 800 people. My kids are healthy, well-mannered, incredibly respectful, and that’s not because of the nanny who dropped them off at school. It’s because of me.”

In an interview with the Telegraph Brady adds: “The biggest barrier to women is that you can’t get affordable child care. Why would you leave your children to go to work if you can’t be sure of high-quality child care at a price you can afford? And it should be easier to have part-time work. There’s a misconception that every working woman wants to run a huge conglomerate. That’s not true. Most working women want to work just to earn some respect, and enough money above and beyond paying for the child care.”

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