Kate Garraway fears returning to work because of her “baby brain”

GMTV host admits to nerves about returning to the TV sofa

After giving birth to her second child Billy in July, GMTV presenter Kate Garraway is preparing for her return to work, and is feeling the first day nerves.


The 42-year-old mum is concerned that her pregnancy hormones will affect her presenting skills, as she felt they did after she returned from her maternity leave with her first child, Darcey, now 2.

“Even though I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone, I must also admit I’m feeling nervous. I got such bad ‘baby brain’ the last time I was on maternity leave with Darcey, it took me a while to get back into the swing of things, “ Kate wrote in her column on New! Magazine.

Recalling her bad experience previously, Kate revealed how her scatty behaviour didn’t mix well with live TV presenting! “On my first day back, we were covering the premiere of the Pirates Of The Carribean. The trouble is, I kept referring to it as the Pirates Of Penzance. Eventually my colleague Ben Shephard said, “Will you get a grip?””


Did you experience ‘baby brain’ after giving birth? If so, let us know below…


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