Katie Piper combats mum guilt: ‘I’m certainly not gonna torture myself over things’

Does Katie Piper - the famously confident mum-of-2 - ever feel mum guilt just like the rest of us? Well, no, it seems not. Here's how she sees it, anyway...


We’ve spoken to Katie Piper countless times now here at MFM HQ – she’s one of our faves ?


And it helps that much of what she says ends up being an uplifting, positivity-boosting affirmation ?

Even when talking about something that we know affects pretty much all of us, and is SO hard to shake off: mum guilt.

“If you’re doing something, and feeling guilty, you might as well not be doing it,” mum-of-2 Katie (quite rightly) points out in our recent chat.

“I’m a big believer in everything you do, you put your heart into it. So if you’re going to work today, you work really hard and enjoy it.

“If you’re staying at home all day with the kids, you have your phone away and you’re in that moment with the children. I believe in quality, not quantity.”

Even so, it seems Katie deals with her ‘mum guilt’ by simply refusing to succumb to it.

Instead, she relishes the time she spends on herself, exercising or visiting the gym, away from daughters Belle and Penelope.

“In the Healthy Happy Mum Plan, I talk about how a lot of mums don’t have time to exercise… but if you ever get an hour to yourself to go to the gym or see a personal trainer, don’t go guilty. Go, and say, ‘this is my time’.

“Because like that analogy the air stewardess has, ‘You put your own oxygen mask on first, then you take care of everyone else.’

“If you don’t ever have that re-fill time for you, how can you look after everyone else? A mum is so many things to so many people, you must fill up the tank.

“I couldn’t be the mum I am without those moments for me – so I’m certainly not gonna torture myself over it.”

We know that right now, there are likely a myriad of things you’re tearing yourself to shreds over – but there’s really no need. We’re all just doing our best ✊

Katie Piper and TerriAnn Nunns’ lifestyle manual The Healthy Happy Mum Plan is out now

Images: Instagram/Katie Piper

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