Kim Kardashian already picking out baby names

Reality TV star and boyfriend Kanye West start planning a pregnancy


Kim Kardashian may not be pregnant but that hasn’t stopped her and rapper beau Kanye West picking out baby names.


The loved-up couple are dying to start a family and have already decided how many kids they’ll have, and what they’ll be called.

“Kim wants a girl and Kanye does too. They have started picking out secret baby names,” a source told America’s OK! magazine.

“They talk about what life will be like when they’re 50 with three kids – two girls and a boy.”

Kim has temporarily put baby plans on hold until her divorce to Kris Humphries is finalised, but admits Kanye is going to be a fantastic father.

“Kim has realised what a stabilising force Kanye is in her life,” added the source.

“It reassures her about what a stable father he would be to a child.”

The reality star is determined to become a mum after quitting birth control, negotiating a series of pregnancy deals and revealing her back-up IVF plan.

What do you think Kim and Kanye should call their kids?

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