Kim Kardashian shares new baby North pics

Nori's all smiles as Kim reveals how difficult she found pregnancy


Baby North West is now 7 months old and growing up fast – as these new pictures from Kim Kardashian show.


In the shots, North is all smiles as she tries on a new hair bow. There’s also a snap of her getting a piggy-back ride from dad Kanye.

Kim shared the previously-unseen family pictures during an interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that will air in the US on Friday.

“She changes all the time,” Kim says of Nori. “One day she’ll look like Kanye; one day she’ll look like me. It’s so crazy.

“And her personality is so cute. She is really calm and really quiet.”

Kim also says she wants a ‘million’ babies but that her pregnancy has put her off.

“The pregnancy, I wouldn’t really wish that upon anyone. Anyone,” she reveals.

But then she reconsiders, saying: “It’s all worth it in the end, so I would definitely suffer through that, but pregnancy was not a good experience for me. At all.”

And when chatshow host Ellen says, “Women who say that it’s a beautiful thing I would think…”, Kim cuts with: “They are lying. They are lying to you. I’m telling you!

“Kourtney said that, my mum said that. I was literally giving birth and I looked at my mum and I said, ‘I’m going to get you a medal. You deserve everything!’

“My labour was easy but just the whole pregnancy was so… I had a few medical issues, so it was really tough, and I gained a lot of weight.”

Kim also admits that she started ‘hysterically crying’ after she began reading What To Expect When You’re Expecting, which sister Kourtney gave her, saying it ‘made it so much worse’.

We’ve all been there, Kim, we’ve been there…

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